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Post  |IND|_FIRE_STARTER on Wed Nov 30, 2011 10:19 pm

Guy lisen i see in most of ur comments useing this noob word for a player whic mayby louse a battle or maybe was double ...or game gous to age 3-4 and louse and after same word tell to him he was NOOB... Suspect
In my opinion noob must be the person who even can build a city or a woodcuter or a a farm and umbernoob for somebody who can even move or droop directly ... Smile
I see people use noob word betwen even good player..or inters
For me most are INETERS vs PRO and not noobs Question
And i quess we have like this : 1 umbernoob (who can even move or quit directly when see the map)
2 noob ( who make mayby a city and after move like a snel ...)
3 inter ( which here are planty players whocanbuild and figth at list meddium
level and olso help for wining and so on)
4 pro ( which here olso are same players who can win vs inters but olso get
get louse for some inters ...)
5 elite ( which here honestly are just a few players mayby from 70-80
players in full lobby only mayby 10 of them are elite ,pro mayby
20,inters mayby 30-40 players...and rest noobs) lol!


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Post  BabyKilla on Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:30 am

Well, funny topic Smile I guess all of us are called noobs sometimes (perhapas because a bad day, bad luck, bad team, other player being a jerk etc.) The important thing is not to feel ofended by it. Being subjected by preasure can never be a good thing!!!

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